Warhammer 40000: Dark Millenium Online

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“It is a time of war! Demons, Aliens and Heretics decent upon the imperium of man. The battle lines are drawn, who do you serve?”

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Well, it’s a call of one of the most astounding MMOs in the gaming arena. No one really knew much about it, until the E3 2010 revealed the mind-boggling trailer of Warhammer 40000 MMO. A THQ and Vigil Games’ production, now officially known as Warhammer 40000: Dark Millennium Online, was first announced in March 2007. It’s a role-playing game which is going to be a masterpiece, said Danny Bilson. Prior to its release, this game has already received many awards and nominations; Best MMO, Best Trailer, and Best PC Game to name a few.


Ascribed by its name, the game is set in the 41st millennium where all the relevant races are represented. As a player, you will be allowed to select your race and enjoy the epic world of warfare. The actual number of all those races, however, is unconfirmed. Warhammer online is THQ’s huge investment which, the company is positive, will pay off.

Vigil Games’ General Manager David Adams explains that this game will be much more intense, sensational, and intimate with extensive battlegrounds, general brutality and all the darkness of a war.

Although many other details are still unrevealed, Warhammer online continues to gain popularity among the gamers and critics. Sources say that the game is, nevertheless, under development and will not be released until 2012. So for now, watch the trailer and get enchanted!

Posted by Sehrish Rashid   @   15 August 2010 1 comments
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Aug 22, 2010
1:23 PM
#1 Paul :

Can’t wait. Looks sweet.

Might pull me away from WoW when it comes out. :)


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