VLC Media Player Coming to iPhone and iPod Touch Soon

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Applidium, the company who is responsible for VLC port, reported that the new version of VLC media player would be running on iPhone and iPod touch. It may be very depressing for old iPhone users as they are out of luck in getting these features in their older models. This software company, Applidium, has ported media player to VLC player to ipad. They have announced a universal iOS version, which would be reviewed by Apple and they expect their approval soon. Last month Apple approved iPad version for App store. Now, it is expected that soon all iPhone and iPad users will be able to download the new VLC media player easily on their phone.

Features associated with this new development

There are a number of tremendous files or the popular media formats responsible for iOS devices, especially all movies and audio files. The new VLC media player supports files that QuickTime is not able to play. There were strong demand from all iPhone users for the VLC media player and there were unofficial port that was available for jail broken phones and this was more than two years ago.

Some special reports about this new development have been made and it says that this is a good development for all those who love media files. Wired.com’s Charlie Sorrell said that this was easy on hands and very much pretty in comparison to any desktop app. He is one of the people who have early hands on this new development. This just remains versatile with getting every small feature associated with it. Initially there were some bugs and errors in them and they have been fixed, so iPhone and iPod users will be seeing a better and advanced version or iteration of the model.


Old iPhone and iPod users will suffer

Surely, with this new development from VLC, older iPhone and iPod users will be left behind. Officially supported some of the main models include iPhone 4 and 3GS and ipod touch counterparts would be also supported. However, all left models would be left behind from these features, as they do not have processing power.

There are some other changes included in this VLC media player and that includes opening media files from Mail or Safari directly inside VLC, speed improvements and bug detection. With these features, surely it has to go far ahead.

The desktop version of VLS has been famous as the Swiss Army knife of media players as it handles any audio and media players in almost all formats. Although the iOS version is very versatile but there has been some limitation in ARM based processors. However, these will take care of all other media files and there are numbers of codec’s that are being supported by the VLC media player. All new iphone and ipod users will benefit by this new development. VLC media player has its own charm and now it is going to add it to all new iPhone and iPod users.

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Nov 19, 2010
5:52 AM
#1 David Millward :

This is great news, VLC is an excellent player and should be on as many platforms as possible.

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