Unravel the myth behind Skype 5.0, Adds Facebook And Videoconferencing Features

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We all know about Skype as we all love to make free calls through it. Skype is one of the biggest software applications that offer voice calls over the internet. Skype was released in the year 2003 and has embarked its name in the software industry. Skype usually uses non VoIP service as it doesn’t runs on servers. Lot of talks rather rumors are hovering over the latest version of the Skype software. The Skype 5.0 is the newest version, which is only for windows. There was a lot of rumor and expectation surrounding the new edition of the software so thought to take a look at it.

The new feature

If you are a devotee of the Skype service then you must have tired to have a glimpse of the new version. The new version has radically squeezed lots of elements in the new Skype.  And I have seen quotation such as “the Facebook phone”, but that is not the fact. It is not the Facebook phone. It is the new version of the Skype includes a new feature which is a Facebook tab. It has taken full advantage of the utility of Facebook.  It is also free to download for the entire basic feature.



It has still got the same look and feel and the visible transition is the inclusion of photos in the contact list and the Facebook tab. Installation process remains the same, there is no change or uniqueness on that part. When you start the Skype and logs on to the Facebook tab, it automatically updates the RSS feeds and also adds the Skype calls or SMS buttons besides the contact that are on Skype or next to those who have their contact details synchronized with Skype. You can also view your Phonebook of Facebook that normally displays the contact details which are available on Facebook. Strangely, it does not show the Skype buttons in that tab. That was one odd thing about the new version.

Things remained unaltered

And yes this version also includes the 10-way video call feature. This has become the USP of Skype as it allows many video conferences at the same time. Another feature that remains the same is the automatic call recovery that outstandingly rejoins the missed calls which has added another trademark to the brand.  But as a user you have to wait for the mobile version of the Skype. It seems it needs more time to appear on every cell phone.

The verdict

Skype still retains its place as the finest non-VoIP voice over internet software. With its old USP of multiple video conferences at a same time remains unhindered and still works at a good rate. Other than that everything is still same. The look, working almost everything is same apart from the inclusion of photos nest to e very contact.

Most talked about feature, which is the new in the tally is the Facebook tab. Skype has utilized the popularity of the social networking giants. It adds another flavor to our utility. With frequent RSS feed updates, I believe it is a good tiny version of your Facebook. If you want to use Skype and Facebook at the same time you can use the Skype 5.0. I think, it is now available over the net, so download it and analyze it yourself.  As of me, I love the idea of Skype I’ll give it 8.5 out of 10. Way to go Skype!

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Mar 13, 2011
8:50 AM
#1 Ted Campbell :

Interesting, and I like the interface, very clean. I’ve had problems with losing sound in the midst of Skype conversations. Any suggestions?

Jul 21, 2011
6:48 PM
#2 Airbrush :

Skype is no doubt love of my life. i can not imagine living without it. And i am sure newer versions would bring betterment.

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