The New Shape of the iPhone 5

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Apple has come up with all new look for iphone 5 and it is expected that its design would blow away everyone’s thinking. This new design of iphone 5 would be stunning enough to captivate everyone’s eyes. There are many factors that will describe all new look for iphone 5 and it is expected that this kind of change will take technical world in to different level. It would be completely different from all other models that are available today. Let us see some of the basic changes that would be made in this iphone 5 from Apple.

New shape and design features

This new form and shape of iphone 5 would be a different form factor with all new and exciting look. The external design would be completely redesigned and many of the designers have started imaging how the new iphone fifth generation would be like. It would be truly something like out of box thing that will take everyone away with just the first look. Iphone 5 would be a game changer that would bring world in to its own strives. Although it is being expected that the exterior design may not change much and its materials are same but it would opt out a saying” if it is not broken, aint fix it”. It is expected that this new iphone 5 would be touch screen with larger screen. In fact, it would be much like android large screen. It would have vanishing edge screen. It would not have any plastic or bezel covering outside it. Apple is trying that it would evolve both ipad and iphone derived in one single iphone 5. Hence, its design would be enthralling to look out for. It would be mobile like phone with ipad like design functionality. Surely, this is going to be a great experience to watch this new design. It would be surely larger than the current iphone and it would give a look of elegance and executive form.

iPhone 5 release

Not much is been known for the release of iphone 5. However, with the things that went wrong in iphone 4, it has been speculated that market would see the fifth generation iphone soon. However, it requires lot many things to handle in it. Not only features, but also the look has to be made something that customers are keen in buying this new release. This new iphone 5 would be more screen oriented phone that will help to ease everything else.

Iphone 5 will stay stylish

With great designers being involved, it is expected that iphone 5 would always be stylish and iconic in itself. It will give complete feel and look of mobile phone in your hand and you feel the VIP persona when you handle the phone. Construction and design would be great with the fifth generation iphone that is going to get in to market soon. It will be away from all kind of issues that were there in iphone 4 and will get in to more feature side to be customer friendly.

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Nov 21, 2010
11:23 PM
#1 Kelvin :

I am tired of censorship that Steve Jobs want to have and I my next phone will run Android…

Apr 21, 2011
10:27 PM
#2 apple :

Yes this is very stylish, Reuters said iPhone 5 will ship in September….

Jun 1, 2011
4:04 PM
#3 Tablet PC Central :

They don’t really need to change the shape too much as it is already very attractive. A bigger screen would be good but we’ll have to see what they do.

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