10 May 2010

Advances in the Digital World

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The digital world is versed with a lot of innovations including the computer integrations. These have made their entrance in many parts of our daily lives. A lot of the circuits that occupied large spaces in olden times have been optimized by the use of super-scaled IC’s. The programming of …

1 March 2010

Blu ray technology

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Blu ray technology simply known as blu ray disk (BD) is a next generation computer storage technology that is applied to the optical disk. To explain the blu ray technology one must first understand how it was created. BD was created jointly by the leading players in the field of …

2 November 2009

Impact of technology on Olympics

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Many technology stunts have characterized recent Olympic Games notably the recent Beijing Olympic Games. The accuracy with which the opening ceremony events were conducted in terms of efficiency in transmission of the programs highlights the impact of technology on Olympics. Many viewers the world over were able to use computer …

25 October 2009

Evolution of technology

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Technological application to business, educational and industrial situations is not something new. People have always applied technology to solve their practical needs in their various fields. Early people had their own technology that they used so are people in the current era. This means that technology was still there even …

8 October 2009

Blue checks police technology

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Technology is ruling the course of life in all professions and the law enforcers in blue checks police technology have not been left out. Matters of security have been a priority area for many governments due to the challenges that countries are facing. The use of biometric systems has forced …

9 September 2009

The new wave of wireless technology

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The advancements in technology have actually changed the way people live and conduct business today. The gadgets we have today all have wireless attributes that have made us dependent on them. Phones are some of the wireless gadgets that have wireless technology, everyone needs a phone today it helps keep …

5 September 2009

Mobile phones and it’s uses

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In today’s world, mobile phones have become an essential part of life. The mobile phone is a great asset when it comes to communication specially for people living far away from their loved ones. The device allows you to communicate from virtually anywhere. It is easy to use the mobile …

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