20 October 2010

Adobe Flash for Android passes 1 million Downloads

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Adobe flash for android is soon going to hit million downloads. On this platform, flash for androids is a happening thing that is coming up. This is in fact, the most hyped thing on this platform. This has many times being used as silver bullets in any case of android …

13 October 2010

Microsoft Launches Windows Phone 7, What’s Next

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Microsoft has now released the eagerly awaited Windows 7 phone. So now, no more wait as everything is out. Windows phone 7 has been something for, which we had been waiting since years. Initially when in 2000, Windows was used as Microsoft’s mobile operating system. It became a dominant force …

9 October 2010

Skype for the Android Smart Phones Now Available For Download

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Effective technology at its best
The availability of Skype for Android Smart phones is threatening to bring the market to a standstill with sheer admiration. The use of Wi-Fi technology has never been better than this. They have really gone all out with the design tricks and the results are nothing …

13 September 2010

Nokia Launches Mobile TV Headset, DVB-H

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Nokia has soon launched a headset for new mobile TV headset. There are some of the main features with the Nokia mobile TV headset. This handset incorporates Digital Video Broadband Handset (DVB-H) receiver. This feature helps any user to tune in and watch live TV. This mobile TV headset has …

22 July 2010

Summer’s Hot Mobile Phones 2010

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Ever since I started writing these technology blogs, I find myself more and more interested in this genre. Nowadays, the latest mobile technology keeps you so enchanted, that you hardly find the escape. This summer, specifically, has brought many exciting deals and devices for consumers throughout the USA. No matter …

5 September 2009

Mobile phones and it’s uses

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In today’s world, mobile phones have become an essential part of life. The mobile phone is a great asset when it comes to communication specially for people living far away from their loved ones. The device allows you to communicate from virtually anywhere. It is easy to use the mobile …

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