20 October 2010

Adobe Flash for Android passes 1 million Downloads

Post Thumbnail of Adobe Flash for Android passes 1 million Downloads

Adobe flash for android is soon going to hit million downloads. On this platform, flash for androids is a happening thing that is coming up. This is in fact, the most hyped thing on this platform. This has many times being used as silver bullets in any case of android …

11 October 2010

Adobe Air for Android now Available in Android Market – New Frontier

Post Thumbnail of Adobe Air for Android now Available in Android Market - New Frontier

After it was announced in February this year, there was a lot of anticipation in the months that followed but the long wait finally came to an end as an Android supported version of adobe air was launched. This has come as welcome news to many developers especially those using …

24 August 2010

Apple apps on iTV

Post Thumbnail of Apple apps on iTV

There’s a lot of news about Apple launching it’s iTV project in September these days. Kevin Rose, CEO of Digg, already seems very optimist about it. Although this news is still in a ‘rumor zone,’ but these very bold statements from Rose can’t be ignored either. According to Rose’s blog …

19 August 2010

Nine Must-Have Android APPS

Post Thumbnail of Nine Must-Have Android APPS

It’s an eternal bliss to have your phone loaded with all the coolest applications; especially when they are absolutely FREE. As for Android, there weren’t many apps available in 2008 when the big brother G1 hit the market, but the recent growth of Android family has greatly amplified the number …

12 August 2010

Latest APP: Salat (PRAYER) Reminder – SMS

Post Thumbnail of Latest APP: Salat (PRAYER) Reminder - SMS

Time for some personal boasting. Overwhelmed by his highness, I dedicate this blog to my dear husband Zunair P. Fayaz. Yesterday, he finally launched his first ever application online at xda-developers, which was in the pipeline from past two years. So with all the love and excitement, ladies and gentlemen, …

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