Samsung Focus With Windows Phone 7 And Super AMOLED

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Since recently almost nine phones has come up with windows phone 7. They are there in a bunch. They have come up as most recycled one with most developed versions. Samsung focus is one of the phones that are first windows phone and it will be soon going on in sale. It would be released soon in holiday season of 2010. It has great screen and its Windows phone 7 are the major plus point that adds to the selling point of the phone. It would be seen by the Samsung Galaxy S series of the devices.


Samsung Focus features

This new Samsung Focus has great AMOLED screen. It comes under the series of galaxy S series phones and it includes major features of windows phone 7. There are no remarkable accessories that are included in the box but the box would be including device, charger and quick start guide. This new Samsung Focus has different CPU and less RAM. It is focussed with Qualcomm snapdragon processor but it has only 256 MB RAM while others have 512 MB RAM. You get 8 GB internal memory and external storage that will give you micro SD expansion to have 40 GB space. To bring Samsung’s fantastic contrast with outdoor visibility, it gives you AMOLED screen. For connection issues, you have Bluetooth 2.1, WiFi, FM radio and GPS. It has light sensor, proximity sensor and g sensor. Samsung Focus gives you 5-mega pixel camera with LED flash. It gives you video at 720p resolution. It uses micro USB for charging. It also has a headphone jack and that can be used easily for audio. Battery is powered with 1500 mAh battery.


Samsung Focus review

Samsung Focus is completely different and you can get away with this phone’s enticing features. Its selling point is starts from the start screen of this AMOLED phone. Completely windows phone 7 is promising you with wide ranges of features. Within the start screen, you get every menu that includes programs, albums, map locations etc. Although Focus is conservative looking device but it has all modern features that are going to help you be it in journey or at your home. Its weight is just 110 Gms and it is lightest device with so many features included in it. It gives you high level of quality feel. Each time you look at the screen, you feel different. It has complete smooth operating system. You can bring complete software to be at your side with this AMOLED screen. This is the thinnest windows phone with great specifications.

Samsung Focus release and price

It is expected that Samsung focus would go on sale in November and it would be having sale at price $199. With so many features in build in to that, you are surely going to make differences with this new phone. Terrific battery life, great style and amazing features will blow your mind away.


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Dec 22, 2010
7:39 PM
#1 Technologyinf :

The world we are living in is changing everyday. We are in technology age where things change in a friction of time. How the future technology will change our living? Learn everything about todays and Future Technology.

Jan 5, 2011
12:13 AM
#2 Bocek ilaclama :

Focus is conservative looking device but it has all modern features that are going to help you be it in journey or at your home. I like that. Thank you for this great article and work.

Mar 29, 2011
1:20 AM
#3 George :

Hey i really like samsung but i was wondering if the new software from Botinger & Roi can be placed on it? can anyone tell me that?


Apr 2, 2011
5:30 PM
#4 Haseeb :

Great work, really informative

Apr 21, 2011
5:30 PM
#5 Airbrush :

Sounds really catchy an useful. Windows phone is definitely a great idea to introduce in market. People would love it for sure.

Apr 23, 2011
10:12 AM
#6 chris :

I like samsung but only with android OS. More stable that I felt.

Jun 10, 2011
12:38 PM
#7 VM Siron :

This phone is classy, thin touchscreen, eschewing the sliding keyboards and gimmicks of the other Windows Phones hitting the market.The Super AMOLED screen gives you a razor sharp, cinema quality image….

Jun 14, 2011
5:46 AM
#8 Jimtsap :

The AmoLed screen of these samsung is super. I can see what it displays clearly, even when I am under the sun. Nice article and well done.

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