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Time for some personal boasting. Overwhelmed by his highness, I dedicate this blog to my dear husband Zunair P. Fayaz. Yesterday, he finally launched his first ever application online at xda-developers, which was in the pipeline from past two years. So with all the love and excitement, ladies and gentlemen, I present you his “Salat (Prayer) Reminder”.

Unlike many applications of its kind, this FREE Salat Reminder doesn’t only inform you about the daily prayer times, but also to your friends, family, or anyone else through a text message. Once you install this app and set recipients’ numbers, it will send a ‘text alert’ of all the five prayers 10 minutes before the actual time. No matter where you live, it helps you get the correct prayer timings according to your location all over the year (You can update calendar using Wi-Fi or ActiveSync each year). Currently, it is available only for Windows Mobile Phones. The system requirements include:

•NET Compact Framework
•Windows Mobile 6.x
•Touch Screen

Note: App was never tested on non touch-screen phone and Windows Mobile 5.x


You can also pretest the application by sending a test message to your desired recipient. What’s more is that it doesn’t run in the background, which saves battery, memory, and processor of your phone. It simply wakes up PPC from suspend/sleep mode and sends SMS every time.

So far, this app has been tested on HTC Touch Pro2 / Tilt 2 / Rhodium with Energy Rom Windows Mobile 6.5, HTC HD 2 / Leo with Windows Mobile 6.5, and LG Incite with Windows Mobile 6.1. The app is a prototype, so it may subject to some errors.

You can download it from:
XDA Developers Forum

For all your feedback, queries, and suggestions, you can contact the man directly at Please type “Salat Reminder – SMS (Support)” under subject.

P.S. Ramadan Mubarak!

Posted by Sehrish Rashid   @   12 August 2010 4 comments
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Aug 12, 2010
3:43 AM
#1 Zunair :

:D Wah!, Wow! and wooo! :D
This got posted really faster than I expected! :P
After reading this, I really feel like I did something goood :D
And so true app was in progress from 2 years and still is… at first it was for my personal use in my pc, now its for the whole world!

Author Aug 12, 2010
4:37 PM
#2 Phyza (admin) :

Yea it’s great … I am now expecting some great feedbacks on this post and you application as well.
Just hope for the best now :)

Aug 14, 2010
9:25 PM
#3 juna!d :

wow…. this is great!!! thanks bro…

Aug 30, 2010
1:01 AM
#4 Ashur Khan :

Awesome app, may Allah reward you.

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