App Developer Pinger Brings Free Calling To Your Ipod Touch

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Pinger, which is a company behind text free, has good things lined up. It gives you massively popular application that runs on iphone as well as iPod touch. It gives user complete free and unlimited messaging system. It was launched in March 2009 and since then it has seen good popularity as users have sent 4 billion text messages using this application. Therefore, it has been downloaded almost 8 million times. Therefore, these huge numeric things have put Pinger in to almost top ten positions if you look up to it with volume. In today’s time, the Tech Crunch, company is coming up with another venture that is voice call.

Major changes included in this application

You will see a true SIP based VoIP client and this would be working on 3G as well as Wi-Fi. One of the major things with Pinger has been that it gives out true, free, real and unique number. So its VoIP feature is also enabled by the above fact. There has been mass selling and last year it included 1.7 million last quarters. In the same time span AT&T gave out 1.6 million. In this device, calling feature works very easily. You just need to press a button and then you will have a dial pad in front of you. Therefore, whenever you have a dial connection, you can see some of the phone calls to be placed. All these features are very much with the users of iPod touch users. They can easily use their phone as new phone devices along with all other features.

There are good introduction to text free and there were many ads on monetization. Voice calling facility would be a bit different in this device. Every month the users would be given some free minutes and they can make calls. There are two ways of getting these, either you can pay through credit card and other is through completing offers that are popularised by the social games. With completion of each social game, you get good offers and you can utilise those to make your call.

There are many offers that you can entail by just doing anything simple like downloading latest TapTap revenge application etc. there are many other applications and this way much applications are available and open to users. Every time any user completes some offer, Pinger is paid due to it. In turn, every user who completes the offer gets free minutes of call.

Pinger got involved with this and it is expecting much more. It said this is just a start and soon this company wish to expand all over. It has been already challenging major mobile companies. Now, there are many increased competitions amongst major companies. In fact, there has been major news like getting video calls, phone number integration with UI, good ads used from Google etc. Pinger has been continuously involved with making good things for mobile phones.

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Jan 28, 2011
12:06 AM
#1 DAM :

This thing looks like junk compared to the Mophie Juice Pack Air. I will buy the mophie, as it looks 100 times better looking and better quality for the money

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