Palm Pre 2 Leaked, Older Androids to Get New Market

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Initially it was thought as the Palm is trying to keep their new release. Pre 2 a secret but much has been revealed about this new device. French carrier spilled good amount of information about this new model. Some of its pictures have also been released. You could guess more about its features and specs in detail the moment you see the picture and image of this device. This handset with 320*480 screens appears to be not at all changed and let us know all other major specs related with this phone. This phone is said to be revised and more refined form of the original one.

Palm Pre 2 specs

Palm Pre 2 specs include some of the major specifications that can be useful to consumers. It will have 1 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM. This surely is said to be a big boost over the 600 MHz processor and 256 MB of RAM of its predecessors. This way it gives you edge over the other smart phones. You can include the android-based phones or iPhone and Droid 2, this new release will have an edge over others due to this processor being used in it. It is due to this spec that it will help in easy loading time with smooth multi tasking being done. Therefore, you can perform many tasks at single time without much headache. It is said that the phone will run web OS 2.0.

Apart from hardware, aspects there are other major things in to this new Palm Pre 2 specs an that include notifications in Facebook. Social networking sites have become very important these days and this way it can help you to make all updates, posts and comments readily through your handset. It already does everything with the emails. For the consumers who always want to be connected, this notification feature is a good way to stay connected with people.

It would be having an updated functionality Push with faster booting time. This phone will have improved battery life, contact management and search management. You could have an updated catalog and overlay view that will help you in multi tasking.


Palm Pre 2 review

As this mobile helps in multi tasking, it becomes useful for consumers. In today’s time, we get little time for major things to be done. Hence, this feature comes as a boosting feature. Secondly, people will benefit if they want to stay connected as it helps with notifications in facebook. With such a good processor, its inner hardware is strong enough to work longer.

Palm Pre 2 release and price

This device has many features but not much is known about this handset in finer detail. In fact, its release date and price is not yet available in market. However, websites helps to keep posted everything so that you could know about its release and price.

Initially Palm was an established name in market but it suffered financial troubles as market was occupied with HP as latter promised more devices running on Web OS. Therefore, to overcome the lost charm in market, Palm has come up with this release of Palm Pre 2.


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