Microsoft Plans To Announce Windows Based Tablet

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Hold the presses and don’t print anything till October 11th. Microsoft may yet have some newsworthy information on an event that has been planned on the said date. Even though the main subject of the event is going to be the launch of the Windows phone 7 (the successor to the windows mobile), there has also been a healthy amount of speculation going around to suggest that might be quite another surprise brewing and it is believed Microsoft is about to announce a Windows based tablet!

Tablet PCs has been one of the Microsoft networks greatest shortcomings and one that has been a subject of great criticism. Having already come through in the mobile and portable media players market relatively successful with their Windows mobile operating systems and Zune respectively it had been expected that they would also quickly find a way to match up to Apple’s widely successful Ipad but there has yet been any response so far.


But the scheduled event might just set in spin the wheel that will deliver to the world their first windows based tablets. It would be quite an opportune moment for such an announcement with the technological world being in a kind of simmering state as it awaits the next big thing. Another reason why the industry would be so eagerly awaiting such news is due to the failure of the current windows based tablets to match up to the apples Ipad which has just proven too good selling approximately 4.5 million units every quarter.

Why it is widely believed that a windows base tablet produced by Microsoft is much more likely to fair better is the fact that the billion dollar corporation is not likely to be short on the technological know how to pull off what could well cast the I-pad straight into oblivion and a tablet that has also been produced by Microsoft based on their own operating system is more likely to provide access to technological and software support which will be quite necessary for users just starting to use tablet PCs or any other person who may need help.

All in all, there is little else enthusiasts can do except wait for the big day to come around and hope and hope and then hope some more that when Microsoft’s CEO, Steve Ballmer, takes the stage on Monday he’ll be having a tablet full of surprises hidden somewhere close by.

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