Importance of Digital Cameras

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The digital camera is a multimedia device used to take photographs, videos, and other operations by the use of an electronic image sensor. Most digital cameras are able to record moving pictures, sounds and still produce the best quality results. Digital cameras have some advantages of doing some operations that film cameras cannot like video recording. This multimedia device is capable of storing thousands of information into a small memory card that can be emptied at any time to free the needed space for other purposes. These multimedia devices are incorporated from many other devices such as mobile phones and PDAs. Some have other special features like cropping pictures and editing the images.

Types of digital cameras
They vary in sizes and capabilities hence attracting different prices. There are compact cameras and bridge digital cameras. Bridge digital cameras are used by astrologers for scientific use and also by the military. They are more expensive and larger in size because they perform heavy and complicated tasks than other multimedia cameras.

Compact cameras are small in size, portable and are commonly used to take snapshots. They are easy to use and have the compatibility of zooming the lenses using data from the live preview. These multimedia cameras are less costly and give good performances.

Bridge cameras have advanced features and require a greater control than the compact cameras. They have large zoom and can take movies with sound and can be viewed by the use of crystal display or electronic viewfinder. They are capable of storing their images in form of jpeg format or raw image or even both. They use an electronic view finder that enables them to take pictures from a distance regardless of their angles or size. They are available in various shops and dealer outlets from different manufactures and can also be bought online at various prices.

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