Impact of technology on Olympics

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Many technology stunts have characterized recent Olympic Games notably the recent Beijing Olympic Games. The accuracy with which the opening ceremony events were conducted in terms of efficiency in transmission of the programs highlights the impact of technology on Olympics. Many viewers the world over were able to use computer and mobile phones to follow the proceedings taking place thousands of miles away.

Improvements were very far-reaching in terms of the extent to which they enabled people view the events in the clarity of their television, computer and mobile phones screens. The high level of accuracy was also evident in the procedures that were used to carry out the events. Recording of points was accurate and there was no need for controversy to arise.

The passive viewed on the other of the continent followed the events just with the same sense of suspense as the people seated in the Beijing stadiums. The 8000 frames per second camera was the tool of the Olympic Games. This is the camera that tells us that a record has been broken. The normal televisions on which we watch the event have 24 to 30 frames per second speed. This is a good comparison that shows you the sense of accuracy and precision that technology has brought into the Olympic Games.

It is very disgusting for someone to train for four years for a ten-second sprint only to have the results contested by an opponent. Being told to repeat the sprint would be a blow to the whole event. This is not a good thing considering the long history of success that the event has. Ultrasonically welded LZR cameras were responsible for the accuracy with which the score were counted during the many events that were on show during the Beijing Olympic Games. It is surprising the extent of the awesomeness that Chinese authorities sought to achieve and which they achieved in great measure anyway. Talk of 8 hours of cloud seeding 8hours before the event that made the whole stadium, look like scientific movie scene. This revealed the impact of technology on Olympics not only in Beijing but also elsewhere in the future.

Swimming events involving underwater footage needed more than the ordinary camera. Here comes the underwater skateboard camera. This is the camera that enabled you to see with sparkling clarity those swimmers as they broke record after record in the Beijing Olympics. There was so much action going on that you could have found time to ask yourself how those photos could have been shot. This wonder Moby cam just needed to be launched on a skateboard and then driven along the swimmers who had the habit of changing themselves into half-fish.

The USB Freedom Stick was the tool of convenience for journalists who had gone to Beijing to cover the Olympics Games only to find the information they were sending to their newsrooms being censored by Chinese authorities. They had to look around for this amazing gadget of technology since all you need to have your privacy guaranteed is plug kit into your computer. It enables the user to surf the internet in the comfort of his synonymy and secrecy. No more questions from agents who know not a thing about journalism. And of course this impact of technology on Olympics showed that innovation can be used to accomplish positive ends.

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