Facebook Phone – Facebook Is Not Building A Phone At All

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Tech Crunch’s Sources announced some days back that facebook is going to create its own cell phone. As they found out that they have planned to build an operating system and they have tasked one hardware manufacturer to do so. All this has happened after getting the Google phone out in market. They have started their plan for facebook phone. In fact more news has come up. Tech Crunch said that two of the employees are leading the charge in OS development. These two employees Joe Hewitt and Mathew Papakipos are the former Firefox browser and Chrome OS builder respectively. They have decided to launch facebook phone that would be useful to all.

But there has been recent updates made on this news by Tech Crunch and facebook spokesperson Jaime Schopflin has said that no such news is correct. He has out rightly said that this social networking site is not coming up with any kind of phone. He simply said “building phone is not what we do”. The entire thing denying the origination of news that facebook phone is coming up has been described. The whole story that TechCrunch revealed is not at all correct. Facebook is not coming up with any idea of building a phone. Their major concern has always been to make phone and apps more social in terms of using and bringing people together.


The current project that facebook is busy including everything from HTML5 version of the site. It also include major apps on some of the main platforms to get full connect support with SDKs to deeper integration with some of the manufacturers. To enable some of the technicalities inside the existing platform would be surely going to get ahead in market. All experiences would be sure to get ahead in social networking site. Although they believe that building a facebook phone would be great but the spokesperson denies that there is any reality in building facebook phone. They say that whenever they talk about any of their work that they do on deep integration then media name it as facebook phone. So this upcoming technological advancement would surely not be any kind of facebook phone. “We are not in to any kind of phone making” is what facebook insiders say.

But rumours are still pouring in all even when many of the facebook insiders have denied this fact of coming up with facebook phone. There had been some recent news that there was a tweet from Joe Hewitt’s account that said they discovered someone who did not like android and iPhone. But nothing has been clear from any of these two employees from Facebook. Hewitt may have heard and tweeted about some problems with android. But all these are speculating for Facebook coming up with their own phone. Nothing can be still confirmed until there is some official announcement being made by facebook insiders. Time will decide whether facebook is going to surprise us with a facebook phone or just another technological advancement.

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