Evolution of technology

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Technological application to business, educational and industrial situations is not something new. People have always applied technology to solve their practical needs in their various fields. Early people had their own technology that they used so are people in the current era. This means that technology was still there even during our ancestors time and this raises the question, when did technology begin?

It is possible that technology was there long time ago. Take for example the hunting and gathering periods of history. These people developed things that made their lives easier such as spears and arrows that they used to find food. They had their own technology by which they made these weapons.

During the Stone Age period, there were stone tools the people used to make for their own uses. They had their own way of making them and this was their technology. They also discovered and learned to make use of fire as a source of energy for cooking and other things. They discovered ways of making houses though they were primitive ones but they formed the basis in which the modern ones are made. As the humans evolved they also discovered that they could protect their bodies and that is when they came up with their own form of clothing.

When people started to engage in farming, there were tools they used for farming and they made these tools in their own way. Machines started coming in later when industries started to be common and this saw the windmills and other machines being made. Cars and trains are also technological evolutions together with the computers which were very different from the ones we have right now in terms of size and capabilities. All these suggest that technology has been there only that it is evolving and becoming better.

So the question when did technology begin becomes tricky as you cannot really tell when it began. Technology has evolved over the years to bring in better and advanced options. Evolution has seen the rise of the telephones, watches, microscopes among others. There has been a lot of research enabled over the years which has resulted in new technologies. New technologies are coming up very fast such that what is new today may not be new anymore tomorrow as something would have come up.

More complex machines have been made but just by applying the same technologies that were used before. The computer has become the major technological attraction and it is being used in almost all the sectors; manufacturing, construction, engineering, education, medicine among others.

Latest technological advancements include wireless communication and genetic engineering among others. In the coming years there are lots of new technologies expected and some will be modifications of existing ones while some will be completely new. So I guess the best answer to when did technology begin would be that it probably began with the human beings, that is, it came with them and will continue to evolve for many centuries to come.

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Nov 22, 2009
4:14 PM
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haha awesome picture….

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Thanks Zunair :D

1990 = sish …. 2008 = You :P

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