‘Content Creator’ Can Hack and Take Over the Page known as ‘Facebook Fanpage Bug’

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Facebook is the largest social network now a days and people are using it for business/personal purposes by creating fanpages of their related stuff. Facebook added Admin Roles feature recently and using it facebook page owners can set different roles for their admins and it is taken as a useful tool for facebook owners.
While browsing today on facebook, I found that this new feature got the worst facebook bug that can ruin many of the pages if not fixed soon. With this ‘Facebook Fanpage Bug’, a Content Creator can hack and take over the page easily and there is no such way yet to get your page back If its done. It can create a big problem so be aware if you are a page owner or a Manager.
If you are on your page, click “Edit Page” on top and then “Admin Roles” and the following ranks/roles are given there:
1) Manager:
2) Content Creator:
3) Moderator
4) Advertiser
5) Insights Analyst

Here is a picture showing roles of each:

Now the main point is how this “bug” works if you are a content creator of a page.
First step is to make a new page with the same name. For example, if the page is “Technology stuff” and a content creator wants to hack the page then he will make a new page with the same name i.e. “Technology stuff”.
Second step is that the content creator can visit fanpage settings and merge the fanpage into the new one having the same name so all the fans will be transferred to the new fanpage and he will be the manager of that page.
Third step is that he can remove you as the page manager of the actual page and can enjoy the manager role on your page.

This post is just for awareness if you are a page owner/manager. It must be fixed soon as content creators can hack many pages like that and there is no such solution to get it back. Facebook can control this by removing the feature of “Merging pages”.

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