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A computer is an electronic device that accepts and processes data and displays it in a form requested by the user using a set of instructions to execute the commands. Most common computer devices are the input, output, processing devices and storage devices.

The computer works in a programmed way where one has to use the input devices to key-in raw data which will be processed then displaying of the output. The logical and arithmetic unit of a computer works as the human mind and tries to make sense out of the commands given. Computers can be analogue or digital and can also be classified depending on their size the larger being the super computers to the smallest; the palm-sized. Computer specifications are based on its processing speed measured in hertz, storage capacity that is measured in bytes and the size of its monitor measured in inches.

Some of the areas where computers are used are; in health care facilities to monitor a patient’s progress, education through e-learning, in business and governance. In manufacturing industries, they are used to operate the large machines. Computers are important communication gadgets that are used by people in diverse locations especially when connected through the internet.

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