Browser War : Firefox 4 Beta 7 VS Chrome 7 VS IE 9

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Firefox 4 beta is Gecko 2.0 web based platform and there are much interesting features in this new release from Mozilla. For daily web browsing, this Firefox is considered safe and secure. There may be some change in features and content before the final product releases. Right from today, users can easily download beta of IE 9 and test some new browsing experiences with it. Just last week Firefox 4 beta 5 landed and now you have Firefox 4 beta 7 download available easily within next month. There was some hardware issue in Firefox 4 beta 5 and Microsoft had to run to fix those issues.

Main Benchmark Tests:

Although there were many benchmarks for various browsers but only few of them were good ones. Some of the test included in it was overall test, CSS test and two of JavaScript test. It also includes a composite test for various JavaScript and DOM tests. Recently, three other tests were included in it too and that will surely give you a feel of speed acceleration.

Only chrome 7 is one that will blow off the speed of both the browser be it in Mozilla or Microsoft.


What is new in Firefox 4 beta 7?

This new Firefox 4 is here to help you with fixing the stability issues that affected for IS users. There are some major features included in this new release of Firefox. This new release is available in 39 languages. It also supports for all new proposed Audio Data API. For all Windows 7 users, Direct2Dhardware application is available for you. The new Firefox 4 gives new look of buttons for all Windows Vista and Windows 7 users. By default, you have inclusion of Firefox sync. This also helps you with visual overview of all open tabs that would be available for being sorted and made in order. For efficient JavaScript animations, an experimental API is also included in this new Firefox 4. It includes feature of HTML5 video buffering availability. With use of CSS transitions, web developers can animate the contents. There is improved scrolling and responsiveness movements. There is much effective stop and reload buttons. There are many other features included in this new release of Firefox 4.

You can easily download Firefox 4 beta 7 for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS with different language support. You need to make sure that your system is up to date and must meet all requirements when you download Firefox 4 beta 7 on it.


It must be noted that as soon as you download the new Firefox 4 beta, the older version of Firefox is not overwritten.

This Firefox has some major advantages over IE 9. It also includes browser’s prolific extension community. IE 9 helps you with private surfing along with normal browsing. IE 9 offers appear to be in dead heat in comparison to Firefox4 beta 7 versions in terms of JavaScript and its speed too.

So going with all these Firefox 5 beta has been made available with its all-new features that would be loved by all users.

Windows DOWNLOAD Firefox 4 Beta 7 for Windows (7.70 MB)

Mac DOWNLOAD Firefox 4 Beta 7 for Mac (20.20 MB)

LinuxDOWNLOAD Firefox 4 Beta 7 for Linux (11.40 MB)

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Dec 4, 2010
6:16 PM
#1 Pavan Kumar Kaushik :

Awesome… Its too good and too fast to be true!! Its very aesthetic, clean, spacious, smooth, fast… Nothin can beat it !! The tab candy, omnibar , the url view in the address bar and firefox one button … Its too good!!

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