BlackBerry Torch: Get into the First Expression

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Rim and AT&T has come up with its latest release and that is Blackberry Torch 9800. This is said to be the first device that is capable of running on OS 6. Another great thing about this new devise is that it RIM’s first slider phone that is available to the consumers. In fact, before this Blackberry Torch was released, it was started to be called as iPhone Killer, a term that we may not use now. We will just get in to the BlackBerry Torch Review and that will give an insight in to this Blackberry torch android.

BlackBerry Torch Specifications

We will first look at the main features that Blackberry Torch Specs have for you. The first feature it includes is universal search that it provides you. You may be looking for so many folders, apps, internet files, emails and many more things. This smart device is here to help you with all. You also get BlackBerry Messenger that helps you in serving with all facilities that any chat messenger has. You get to have real time conversation experience with it. BlackBerry Torch 9800 helps you with long lasting battery and you may use it for longer periods while you chat or call someone. This device has GPS, WIFI, 3G and memory storage that is expandable up to 32 GB. So, you get most of the functionality that you want.


BlackBerry Torch Amazon-design specifications

This great device has good and attractive design. This handset is very solid and it can be easily kept inside your pocket. This phone allows you to have QWERTY keyboard or have a touch screen panel, whichever is best suited to your fingers. It offers you clear screen resolution with no problem in reading text or watching videos. In terms of software specification, BlackBerry Torch 9800 beings you much improvements for the business-minded people. With much easy access to many internet and other software tools, it provides you user-friendly interface. You can find good navigation bar at the bottom of the home screen.

You also get a media player interface and also WebKit browser.


BlackBerry Torch Review

Although, the lower resolution screen in this smart phone may disappoint user but it has other great enhancements with it that will make you buy it. It uses 624 MHz processor. This phone has good improvements in terms of hardware and software features. It has nicely integrated tabbed features and that helps in making browsing faster. Blackberry Torch price is worth when you compare it to the features that it is providing you.

BlackBerry Torch Verizon conclusion

You may find many other Blackberry Torch Android having good features as compared to this BlackBerry torch 9800 but it will be one of the best matched Blackberry phones that you would love to have in your kit. Business people would surely like this phone due to so many business feature enhancements being made in to its Blackberry torch specs.

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Aug 25, 2010
9:50 PM
#1 Sarah Williams :

I am not a big fan of blackberry phones but i am seriously in love with this one. I actually like slider cell phones so this one is eye catching for me as it’s a complete phone having qwerty keyboard as well along with the slider. I think so this one is competing with Dell Streak.

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