AMD Radeon 6000 Series

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There are some of the first reviews about AMD radeon 6000 series and it will be hitting the market soon. Until then you will have to make your own likes and unlisted things. You can look at AMD Radeon 6000 series with so many enticing features that is included in it while there are other things about the older version and other device comparisons that may lead you exhausted. Complete list of all AMD radeon 6000 series is present and that shows the comparison of AMD graphics processing units too.

AMD Radeon 6000 specs

If you look at all the series of AMD Radeon series, you will find that 5830 and 5850 would be replaced by 6800 series. The other higher ends will have 5870 and 5970 would be replaced by 6900 series. This way, both these characterizations are made. If you compare the AMD Radeon 6870 to Nvidia GTC460 then it is something like comparing red teams to the green ones. The complete AMD radeon 6000 series include following graphic tables:

Radeon HD 6350

RAdeon HD 6750

Radeon HD 6870

Radeon HD 6950

Radeon HD 6970

Radeon HD 6990 Eyefinity Dual GPU.

Therefore, all these graphics make easy specifications for all AMD Radeon 6000 specs. Each of these graphics has their own resolutions and all other detailed features. The fabrication processes, transistors, bus interface, memory, API support and all other features are segregated and meant to be distinguished with each of the type of AMD Radeon. All of these have their own relative price attached that would be released in market. Some of them are double precision FP while others are not. Each of these series has their own config related with them and depending on the requirement, any particular could be chosen out. The price range starts from $49 to $699 from RAdeon HD 6350 to 6990 Eyefinity respectively.


AMD Radeon 6000 series release and price

The graphics of AMD Radeon 6000 series have been known and each of these specific price ranges attached to them. The launch of these AMDS is not still confirmed but it is expected that it would release soon. It has been reported that official launch would be in mid October and that would be specific to the time zone. In fact, all the prices would be depending with the specific features attached with that AMD RAdeon graphic. The highest end is the radeon HD 6990 eyefinity dual GPU and that would be the costlier. All of these would be a revelation to all customers with range of features being produced by them. They will have customised design that would take away the customers.

AMD Radeon 6000 series summary

The launch of AMD Radeon 6000 series would be out soon and that would be having layout changes with specific fancy lookouts. There are good reasons for all kind of cooling features involved with them. All these things are still UN unofficial and everything would be in front of you soon.

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Nov 19, 2010
5:45 AM
#1 David Millward :

How has the eyefinity software come along, I have seen other people using it and have had mixed response from it so far. Is this something that is going to be well supported in the future, or flop like SLI did a few years back?

Jun 7, 2011
1:01 PM
#2 sophia zhou :

To be honest , NORCO PC have almost the some function with AMD Radeon 6000 Series, of course , without a doubt, AMD Radeon 6000 Series better than NORCO PC.

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