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On June 21, 2011, Obsidian Entertainment and Square Enixreleased their first joint venture called Dungeon Siege 3 in North America. It’s the first action-RPG from the Dungeon Siege series that isalso available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, in addition toWindows PC.Just like the previous versions, this game also features typical loot-filled dungeon crawling gameplay, but with certain modifications.

Dungeon Siege

The storyline revolves around the Kingdom of Ehb, which is undergoing the era of destruction. As one of the four heroes, the players will take charge of rebuilding the kingdom in order to save it from complete demise. The plot, unlike before, is much more intensein Dungeon Siege 3. Multiplayer capabilities let up to four players fight together for the restoration of 10th Legion through the online co-op play option. The players can join or leave the battle whenever they want, without disturbing the overall action of the game.

The multiplayer mode also allows players to combine their individual powers to defeat a stronger enemy, vote on conversation options, and recover fallen co-players in the game. Dungeon Siege iii features customizable characters with three stances (one defensive, two offensive) and diverse magical and martial abilities, which can help you create a great impact during the game. These characters include Lucas Montbarron, Reinhart Manx, Aanjali, and Katarina. All of these characters have their own different back-stories but one common goal, i.e. to re-establish the torn kingdom.

Dungeon Siege 3

Dungeon Siege 3 release date was June 17th, 2011 for Europe and July 28, 2011 for Japan. The game is rated Teen (T) and priced$47.70at Amazon,sold directly by Square Enix. You can also try the game by downloading its free demo version on Windows PC before making the actual purchase.

The game received a combination of good and bad reviews after its release. When some appreciated its effectiveness on consoles, others complained about its inept controls and interface on PC. Similarly, the dense storyline seemed like a positive step ahead to some, while others thought it to be a lengthy and boring addition to the game.

So if you’re a Dungeon RPG fan, and want to experience loot combined with story, then you must try this game for yourself. Because after all, the best judge is always you!

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