5 Reasons Why We Hate Facebook so much

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Facebook was created by Mark Zuckerbeg and was launched in 2004. The website slowly began to grow until it reached 500 million members in just 6 years. The number of Facebook users is still increasing by the day. You simply need to confirm that you are 13 years old or older and you can create an account, it’s as simple as that. Once you have your account set up you can begin commenting, posting pictures, playing games, and chatting. So, naturally there would be many Facebook haters. Except, most of the haters actually have a reason to hate the website.

Reason Number # 1: Privacy Settings

When you create your account the website does not mention the fact that anyone can view your information. All it takes is a Google search, and anyone can look through your pictures, see your information, siblings, date of birth, and so on. Of course, you can change the privacy settings, but if you are unaware that you can actually change the settings, then you will not change them. The privacy bar can be found in Account, Privacy Settings, here you can select who can view your profile, and block search engines from finding you. I suggest, if you haven’t already, check this tab out, and only allow friends to view your profile. If you don’t do this, you make it incredibly easy for someone to steal your identity, and place you or your children in danger. You should also refrain from placing your full address on your profile.


Reason # 2: Criminals

Perhaps your young children are using Facebook to play games or something similar. A kidnapper could very easily add your child as a friend, begin a friendly conversation, find information on where you live, come to your home, and kidnap your child. In order to avoid this, you should educate your son/daughter in the dangers of accepting people they do not know as friends.


Reason # 3: Identity Theft

When you create your account, your profile is stored on one of Facebook’s many databases. The owners, or workers, can easily access your account, and sell your information to other companies. In fact, this occurred quite recently where a worker at Facebook inc, gained access to 1000 Facebook accounts and placed them online for the public to download. So, I suggest not placing any potentially harmful information on your profile, or you could always tell them to leave Facebook.


Reason # 4: Difficulty Deleting Your Account

Have you ever tried deleting your account? Its really quite difficult, and even when you succeed Facebook does not promise to remove your information from their databases.  You will never know for sure if its actually gone.


Reason # 5: Facebook is Useless

The only thing Facebook offers us is a cure for our boredom. Amongst the thousands of applications and games, quizzes, and other useless stuff, there is really no reason to continue using Facebook. However, we continue anyway, its addictive, and can cause many problems. We just have to be aware of what we post. Recent polls have confirmed that over 60% of all Facebook users hate Facebook.

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Aug 25, 2010
9:56 PM
#1 Lavender :

I also wrote a similar post about why i/we hate facebook even more. I hate them the most for having so much hypocrites because they hurt the feelings of Muslims having “Draw Muhammad Day” first and now “Burn Quran Day” and they clearly mentioned this on their agreement rules that “You will not use Facebook to do anything unlawful, misleading, malicious, or discriminatory.” but still they are supporting such hypocrites. By the way, nice post but try to include some more points too.

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