29 July 2011

HTC EVO 4G – Sprint’s Darling

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HTC EVO 4G is Sprint’s wonder phone revealing stunning specs and great looks.It’s the first 4G phone in the United States packed with the absolute android awesomeness. We’ll now see in detail if this CDMA is really a showstopper or just another bragger.
HTC EVO4G specs and features
The phone features 1 …

28 July 2011

All About Dungeon Siege 3

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On June 21, 2011, Obsidian Entertainment and Square Enixreleased their first joint venture called Dungeon Siege 3 in North America. It’s the first action-RPG from the Dungeon Siege series that isalso available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, in addition toWindows PC.Just like the previous versions, this game also features …

27 July 2011

BlackBerry PlayBook

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After experiencing both the ups and downs in the smartphone market, Research In Motion (RIM) is now trying to make its way in the tablet industry as well. The new Blackberry PlayBook tablet is the company’s first effort in this regard. Released in April 2011, this tablet is working really …

26 July 2011

What’s up with Amazon Kindle?

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For a number of reasons, the Amazon Kindle is among the hot topics of all the technology blogs these days.First, the Apple-Kindle controversy, and secondly, the Kindle textbooks rental program and a lot of other newly proposed plans and strategies. We’ll talk about all that, right here right now. But …

25 July 2011

Google+ iPhone App released

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After an overwhelming response of users just during the field trial period, Google is now
onboard with iPhone for the release of its first Google+ iPhone app. This recently released
application is now available for iPhone (4.1 iOS or newer), featuring all the vital functions for
your ease with the commitment to thrive …

23 July 2011

iPad 2 – Review and other tidbits

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It’s been more than 4 months that Apple launched its beloved tablet, the iPad 2,and people are still frenzied about getting their hands on it. This new tablet, unlike its previous version, claims to be 33% thinner, 15% lighter and much faster in terms of performance.Heightened customer satisfaction and great …

23 July 2011

Nikon D7000 Review

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Released in September 2010, Nikon D7000 is by far the most advanced camera Nikon ever made. In terms of size, it lies somewhere between D300 and D90 cameras, since it is not as huge as the former one and not as lighter as the latter one. Its magnesium alloy body …

21 July 2011

Get Ready for Battlefield 3

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October 25th is the day for all the gamers to experience the most electrifying journey as the elite U.S. Marines in the Battlefield 3. Thisinteractive modern combatgame, developed by EA and DICE, is aimed to outshinethe charisma of rival Call of Duty. That is why battlefield 3 release date has …

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