30 July 2010

Macbook Pro – Precision Revamped

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Didn’t I tell you that I’m really not an Apple hater? Well, here’s my point proven. This time I’ve got my personal review on the Apple’s new MacBook Pro. Released on April 13, the current MacBook Pro offers a wide range of notebooks in 13, 15, or 17-inch screen sizes. …

28 July 2010

Sony Alpha NEX – Feel Professional

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It’s a general trend that technology, in its prototype, doesn’t look much presentable. But, with the passage of time, it becomes more compact and sleek. Same is the case with Sony’s new duo of Alpha NEX Cameras, a splendid effort where power meets portability, as they state it themselves. Earlier …

22 July 2010

Summer’s Hot Mobile Phones 2010

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Ever since I started writing these technology blogs, I find myself more and more interested in this genre. Nowadays, the latest mobile technology keeps you so enchanted, that you hardly find the escape. This summer, specifically, has brought many exciting deals and devices for consumers throughout the USA. No matter …

16 July 2010

HP Slate – Worth The Wait

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Not so long ago, Apple launched the most beloved iPad and all the people went absolutely gaga over it. Reflexively, I also read about its features, specs, and reviews but none of it got me like oh-my-gosh! I’m really not one of those Apple haters, but I think one must …

10 July 2010

REALD 3D – A Different Reality

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So I went to watch Toy story 3 in IMAX a couple of weeks ago. It was my first 3D experience, therefore, the technology kept me more captivated than the movie itself. The movie was projected by RealD, the leading 3D technology provider of the days, which primarily uses polarized …

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