21 September 2009

Need for Speed: Shift – Shifting to a new level

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‘NFS: Shift’, the latest instalment in the long running racing videogame franchise ‘Need for speed’ has been released. Initially announced in January 2009, it is published by Electronic Arts like all of the recent games in this series. The main and unique feature that separates NFS: Shift from previous titles …

19 September 2009

The widespread Demand for High Definition Televisions

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High resolution televisions commonly known as HDTV or flat screen televisions have whipped the entertainment world into a frenzy. These televisions are known for their image quality and captivating designs characterized by a thin frame. The superior resolution plus a surround sound system makes them a must have when looking …

18 September 2009

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ7

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The Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ7 – Best low cost compact digital camera of 2009:

My job today is to find and put in front of our cost conscious users the best compact digital camera that has a lot to offer for a not-so-premium price tag of around £275/$350. After looking around searching …

16 September 2009

Nokia N97 mini – Big Small

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Mobile phone world leader, Nokia earlier this month accounted its latest model into the N range of smart phones, the Nokia N97 mini. As the name suggests it is basically a downsized version of their N97 smart phone which was released back in June 2009. The main purpose of this …

15 September 2009

Intel’s “Lynnfield” Core i7 and Core i5: Affordable Quad-core processors with a punch

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Semiconductor giant Intel has recently released its latest line of quad-core processors, the “Lynnfield” Core i7 and the Core i5. Launched on Intel’s ‘cheaper’ mainstream socket the LGA-1156 rather than the more expensive LGA-1366 like the “Bloomfield” i7s, these processors have been priced with value in mind and takes Intel’s …

14 September 2009

Multimedia gadgets

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This refers to the combination of the different digital media such as graphics, photos, video, voice, animations and sound effects. Multimedia technology has brought about so many benefits to the communication world.
Multimedia uses visual and audio capabilities to convey its information and knowledge effectively. The multimedia gadgets are made in …

13 September 2009

Computers for simpler lives

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A computer is an electronic device that accepts and processes data and displays it in a form requested by the user using a set of instructions to execute the commands. Most common computer devices are the input, output, processing devices and storage devices.
The computer works in a programmed way where …

12 September 2009

Mercedes Gullwing SLS – The legend is born again

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Mercedes-Benz has finally released the official images and technical specification of its long awaited super car, the SLS Gullwing. Highly influenced by the legendary 300SL from 1950s, its modern day performance and retro design brings out the best of both worlds.
Mercedes has parted its company with their F1 partners ‘McLaren’ …

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